Legal Support for Managing a Company

As your company expands, you may find yourself switching constantly between long-term strategic decisions and immediate tactical needs. From managing growth to navigating industry changes, you face multiple legal issues that interact with each other in complex ways.

How you address these legal issues now can affect your company for years to come. But you don’t have the time to find and vet the right lawyer for each question, let alone coordinate between different attorneys. That’s where outside general counsel can offer a solution.

With a dedicated lawyer overseeing your company’s matters, your company gets a single point of contact who is familiar with your high-level goals, your unique concerns, and your day-to-day operations. You can access the substantive knowledge you need, in the format that works best for your business — all without the need to hire employees.

I will work with you to create a plan for providing timely, accurate, and cost-effective legal services. I can then engage attorneys with proven track records of solving challenges like those your company faces. This virtual legal team can be adjusted to match your changing needs. Spark + Sterling is then able to provide you with customized support for a variety of situations, such as:

  • Getting a clear picture of your company’s risks, “unknown unknowns,” opportunities, and next steps.

  • Developing new products and services and launching them effectively.

  • Creating institutional memory and solidifying corporate culture by developing sensible policies and processes.

  • Negotiating a large number of contracts simultaneously on an urgent deadline.

  • Preparing for and conducting due diligence with an investor or acquiror.

If you’re looking to manage current legal issues without losing sight of future goals, let’s discuss how I can help.