Legal Support for Growing a Company

For startup founders and small business owners, negotiating large contracts with large corporate customers can be both rewarding and risky. Big customers’ processes aren’t designed for working with fast-moving innovators.

Larger companies often have detailed compliance requirements, lengthy contract templates, and multiple decision-makers. And what happens if your ideal customer presents a potentially lucrative agreement, but the terms are one-sided and you’re under pressure to sign immediately?

An experienced commercial transactions attorney can help you close fairer deals, faster. As a long-term advisor to business owners, I understand the need for quick turnarounds, plain language, and a practical approach. With decades spent representing large multinationals, I have a deep understanding of their procurement processes.

Over the years, I’ve closed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of deals, and have guided many startups and small businesses through negotiations with larger companies. I’ll work with you to identify the issues that matter most to you, so we can focus on the real risks and find solutions that work for both sides.

As your volume of contracts increases, I can train your team on how to review recurring agreements, so you can handle more work with in-house resources. By periodically analyzing your contract database, I can help discover opportunities to streamline negotiations, exceed customers’ expectations, and unlock new revenue sources.

If an exit is your ultimate goal, well-drafted and well-managed contracts can make your company a more appealing investment or acquisition target. Investors and acquirors alike will look to your commercial agreements to evaluate your profitability, tangible and intangible assets, and potential for future growth.

If your company would benefit from prompt, business-friendly contract review and negotiation, let’s discuss.