Strategic + legal support for small businesses selling products and services to large companies.


When entrepreneurial firms join forces with established players, the rewards can be immense: cutting-edge products and services, entry to new markets, and accelerated growth.



But corporate processes aren’t designed for collaborating with fast-moving innovators. Larger companies have more detailed compliance requirements.

That means voluminous contract templates, multiple decision-makers, and long turnaround times.




How can a smaller company close deals in this environment, without wasting valuable time and resources?






Spark + Sterling focuses  on contracts between small businesses and large companies.

With over 20 years of experience inside global enterprises, we know how to build solid corporate partnerships.

And as a longtime startup advisor, we understand the need for fast turnaround times, plain language, and a practical approach.


How We Work

Engaging Spark + Sterling is a simple three-step process. First, we’ll discuss your project in detail to understand your objectives, timing, and the value you expect to receive.


Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, or reduce the amount of time your team spends on non-core tasks, we’ll create a proposal  to fit your needs. Work starts as soon as you approve.


Our pricing is transparent and always based on the overall project. This way, our incentives are in line with yours — whether your goal is a powerful presentation, an expedited closing, or a thorough review of a novel issue.









Contact us for an introductory 30-minute call. We’ll explore your needs and how best to meet them. 



We’ll send you a written proposal tailored for your project, typically within two business days. Our matter-based pricing ensures that you’re paying for results – and not just time spent.




As soon as you sign and return the proposal, together with the initial payment, we’ll get right to work!


Contact us


Spark + Sterling, LLC

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How to Reach Us

(845) 273-0101