I’m a transactional lawyer with 28 years of experience, licensed in New York and Massachusetts. Throughout my career, I’ve closed thousands of deals for clients ranging from solo founders to large multinationals.

In the earliest days of the commercial Internet, I was an associate in the Technology Transactions Group at the law firm of Brown Raysman. Later, I was recruited to become the first e-commerce lawyer at American International Group, Inc. (AIG).

My 20 years at AIG were marked by unprecedented changes in technology and a crisis in the financial industry — with valuable lessons learned in strategy and perspective. I built and led a legal group that negotiated $50-$100 million dollars’ worth of contracts each year, from global outsourcing deals to proofs of concept for experimental technologies. The group also advised C-level executives on all aspects of online marketing and sales.

Over the years, I saw too many startups and small businesses struggle with complex legal issues and time-consuming bureaucracy, especially when dealing with larger customers. I founded Spark + Sterling in 2020 to help meet this challenge. My practice offers prompt and dedicated legal support, giving business owners peace of mind and time to focus on what they do best.

In addition to my law practice, I’ve been an angel investor with Golden Seeds and am currently a startup mentor at Project W and Hudson Community Incubator. I also serve as a volunteer advisor to the Midtown Business Alliance of Kingston, New York, where I work to improve access to capital for underrepresented business owners.

I’m proud to be an advocate for entrepreneurs in many industries, helping them launch new ventures and negotiate profitable agreements. If I can be of help to your company, let’s connect.