Spark + Sterling supports you at four critical times in the relationship-building process. As part of our services, we can help you develop documents to systematize each of these steps.


Initial Presentation

Go confidently into high-level meetings with a concise, well-structured pitch that demonstrates your unique value proposition. We’ll edit your materials with senior managers’ viewpoints in mind.

We also lead interactive sessions to create “muscle memory” for speakers. Here, you can practice responses to pointed questions in a supportive yet focused environment.


Due Diligence

Engaging with a large company will trigger a flood of questions. We’ll guide you through this dialog, so your sales and product teams can keep momentum. You’ll build trust with prompt, information-rich answers that show your understanding of the customer’s concerns.

Spark + Sterling will craft due diligence responses that showcase your company’s abilities. Throughout this phase, you’ll also get guidance on how to share data while preserving confidentiality and keeping negotiating options open.


Contract Negotiation

Win the business with clear and fair contracts, completed in timeframes that work for you.

Spark + Sterling works with you to identify the issues that matter, so the negotiation doesn’t get hung up on hypotheticals. We’ll address the real risks for you and your customer, and recommend solutions that work for both sides. Translating legalese into plain language is one of our specialties.

As part of the discussions with your customer, we’ll use our familiarity with corporate procedures to keep your project moving forward. Our main goal is always to close promptly, so you can start earning revenue faster.


Contract Fulfillment

The contract is signed, but the work is just beginning – and that includes legal and compliance. Your new business partner will have their own requirements and procedures for you to follow. Over the life of your contract, new questions will come up when the laws (or your customers’ policies) change.

You shouldn’t have to take time away from running your company to fill out compliance questionnaires, go over IT security standards, or answer follow-up questions on your contract. We’ll prepare these responses, so you can focus on delivering value.




To make your process even more efficient, we can also create:


Knowledgebases of answers to the most-asked compliance questions in your industry.

Checklists and templates for your key legal and business documents.

Fallback wording and other ways to get past common deal-breaker issues.

Analyses of your current contracts, for a deeper understanding of your overall profitability and risk profile.


Your company can use these documents repeatedly,

further reducing the time it takes to sign and service your deals.