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How Your Startup’s Sales Contracts Can Help You Win Funding From Angel Investors

As a founder raising seed capital, you know your revenue numbers inside and out. But what evidence do you have that this revenue is sustainable?

Angel investors are looking for companies that can deliver returns of 10x or more on their money. One compelling way to show your profit potential is to have robust sales contracts on your books.

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Failing Upwards: What to Do if Your Pilot Project Doesn’t Go as Planned

We decided to go in another direction.”

We’re having budget issues.”

Your project sponsor is no longer with the company.”

How can you pivot to a more successful outcome after a project doesn’t go your way?

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Thinking of Monetizing Your Data? Here Are Some Questions to Ask

An online search will tell you that data is “the new sand,” “the new oil,” “the new currency”, or maybe even “the new gold.”

Although it may be hard to define data’s exact value, more and more small businesses are starting to exploit this resource to impress customers, grow sales, and increase their valuations.



How To Find, Qualify, & Build Relationships With Economic Buyers

Whether you’re selling to medium-sized companies or multinationals, you need proven methods for reaching decision-makers. These may be C-level executives or senior managers, and they’re the ones with the budget and authority to close your deal.