Jenevra Georgini


As a startup advisor and angel investor, I’m committed to helping small businesses succeed. I founded Spark + Sterling to make it easier for entrepreneurs to build lasting relationships with large companies.

My approach is based on over 20 years of experience as a manager and in-house lawyer at American International Group, Inc. (AIG). During a time of crisis and change for the financial industry, I built and led a legal group that supported operations for eight different US corporate functions and profit centers. My team negotiated strategic sourcing and marketing contracts valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and advised C-level executives on topics ranging from process improvement to online branding.


During my time at AIG, I saw firsthand how challenging it was even for a well-resourced company to navigate complex legal and contract issues. For startups and smaller firms, the obstacles are even greater.

My goal at Spark + Sterling is to bring clarity to this process, so growing companies can focus on what they do best.


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